Setting up a PC with 4 or more monitors

By Trader-X ·
Does someone have a good way to setup a Win-XP PC (or Vista) with 3 or 4 or more monitors? What are the pros and cons on building it that way? Eg. 1 graphic card with 4+ ports vs. 2 graphics cards.

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3 monitors on WinXP

by bobcluff In reply to Setting up a PC with 4 or ...

We have several workstations set up for mapping with 3 monitors. Have not set one up with >4 (yet). We use two dual head graphics cards, one is in the PCIe or AGP slot (depending on age of machine) and the other in a PCI slot. They are matching cards (e.g. both ATI or both NVidia), but not necessarily exactly the same card model or memory. It really has not been a problem or even difficult to set up.

If there are any cards that support 4 monitors from one card, I'd like to know about it.

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There are a few different available

by IC-IT In reply to 3 monitors on WinXP

One example is the ATI series. Here is a link to's offerings (no affiliation).

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