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Setting up a router for Ip filtering behind an internet router

By Btaylor ·
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I serioulsy need some help here. Heres what im trying to accomplish...I have a router ISP supplied. It will not support IP filtering. I need to set up a rule that says. IF traffic from this Ip 209.x.x.x static ip comes through forward to internal 10.x.x.x. Since the router will not support this I was thinking of forwarding all traffic to an internal address on a linksys router....then control the traffic there by setting the rule for the Ip filter on the Linksys inside the network. Will this work>? Im afraiid that once the traffic is routed from the ISP router it will no longer be from the 209.x.x.x but the ip of the router....then losing again the ability to control traffic coming only from certain public IP's. If it were in the DMZ then would it work? Im lost on this, maybe because its friday!? please any help or suggestions would be much appreciated! I can set this up however it will work but If there is any standard way that would be great. I have about 50 instances of this to set up!

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