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Setting up a Server

By epostrophy859 ·
I am working on setting a server here at home, I am received a static ip from my ISP. I have gone ahead and applied the modem IP as the gateway and copied the DNS from the modem but still unable to break through. I need some assistance on that, also any advice on how to make the server very secure.

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Well a few things here

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Setting up a Server

Firstly this should be in the T Q & A section as it is really a question but the main thing is that you have not provided anywhere enough detail of what it is you are wanting to do.

This is the secret of getting a suitable answer providing the detail that is required without going overboard. But with the above you have left it wide open as to what it is you are wanting to do and what hardware you actually have as you have said it is a "Home" configuration the only thing that we can rule out is that you have a mainframe to work with.

What type of Internet connection is it and how are you connected? That is if an DSL or Cable are you connecting through a simple Modem or Router?

What is the OS of the Gateway computer?

The brand and model of the Modem would also be helpful as well as you obviously don't have it setup correctly as you are unable to establish a connection.

On the last one about Security we also need to know if there is Wireless involved and what OS is on the Server as different OS's require different ways of locking them down.

But as a general Rule of thumb I would have a Hardware Router {with the latest updates applied} in place connected directly to a Nix Box of some description and consider that the dangerous side and everything inside of the Nix box on the safe side. Of course the Nix Box would have to have 2 NIC's and some form of Protection Software like one of the better Firewalls products that are available that way you have far less chance of having your server taken over and being turned into a Zombie dishing out who know what which may cause you to be breaking the law where you live.

If you would like to either edit or add another posting I'll see what it is I can do to help you out.



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