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im planning on setting up 8 xbox 360's, and 10 pc's. what i would like to do is run all the connections from the xbox's and pc's to the server. the server will be connected to the internet, the pc's and xbox's will connect to the internet through the server, im using imperium 1481 tower server, with windows small business server 2008, using ethernet cabling, what type of hardware do i need? a hub? switch? also would like to hook a pc to the server with administrator powers.

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Well for starters you'll need a 24 Port Hub

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to setting up a server

To go between the Server and the 8 X Box's and 10 Computers. They do not make a 20 Port Hub though you may find a supplier who has some 18 Port Hubs but that would not leave you any room for expansion if it's required.

You should also use a Gigabit Hub here not a 10/100 TBase which will be slower.

If you just want the server to share the Internet you will not need any additional CAL's but if you want to share things between the X Box's and Computers you'll need sufficient CAL's to boast the Default number to 18 not the standard 5 that come with the server.

Depending on which version of 2008 you have all you need do is set it up and add one computer to the Network to administer the Server which I'm assuming you are planning on running Headless. That way you can do whatever is required to the server from the Remote computer.

Of course you'll need suitable CAT6E Cables as well as the Hub.


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