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    Setting up a VPN


    by fifboxer ·

    I had inadvertently deleted my VPN connection in the connection manager in Windows XP. I still have the shortcuts on my desktop, however they are not working since the targets are deleted. I went into the connection manager and attempted to create a new VPN connection via the Connection wizard, but when I get to the option for setting up a VPN, it is shadowed and will not allow me to do anything with it. CAn I not set up a VPN via the connection wizard? Is something in the local security policy preventing me from doing this? I am not logged on into the domain at my work, but rather I am logged into the computer only……………do I need domain access to create the connection?

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      by fifboxer ·

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      You need to talk to someone

      by rob miners ·

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      if this PC that you are working on is part of a Domain and you are logged on locally. You haven’t sufficient priveleges to allow that feature. It is probably part of a Policy that is being enforced. See your Administrator to get it sorted out for you.

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      wizard new connection options grayed out

      by jaapoosten ·

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      My VPN connection was removed from the Network Connections.

      I did go to computer management services

      i enabled: Routing and Remote Access
      started the service and my VPN connection was back again. And stayed after i stopped this service again. Also the options where active again

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