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We are moving offices soon where i get a spunky new office to put all my computers in and I would like to set up wireless networks for all of the laptops that are used in the office (yes we have laptops, half our staff are on the road so it is easier).

So far we have Switches, patch panals and servers. Is this as simple as purchasing some wireless access points and setting one up upstairs and setting the other one up downstairs. This is also an old double brick building so will that interfere.

I am not particularily looking for one solution just ideas on what may be used, so maybe several solutions so I can try work out our specific need

Also a really big point is SECURITY

Thanks for your help TR peers

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Well it depends on what you do as to if WiFi is usable

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Setting up a wireless net ...

Some type of Business have compliceing issues with wiFi that is very expensive to address. But as you want to use WiFi all you really need to do is plug in WiFi Access points and go from there. Under Ideal conditions WiFi can travel 500 Meters normally in the one plane so you need to lock down the system rather radically. Again depending on what it is you actually do.

Under most Models you need WiFi Access Point per floor as the WiFi Signal doesn't propagate well going up or down it radiates out from the antenna in a 360 Degree Plane and tends to stay in that plane. It can travel through walls and so on with very little signal loss depending on the construction of the building though metal walls do tend to cut down the signal drastically. Brick to much lesser extent so you need to have WPA2 Encryption enabled and not be broadcasting the SSID.

A good tool is the WiFi Seeker here

This allows you to walk around the insides of the building and check for the Signal Strength as well as outside. As to how the WiFi is configured this all depends on what you actually do. It may be necessary to block the WiFi Side of the Network from the wired side or if it's not you need to have some strong Log on procedures in place again depending on what Data you are trying to protect.

That's a starter for you at least and gives you something to research. This book may also be helpful to you here

As well as these offerings on TR

Sorry but I don't know what it is that you do so I can't be any more precise.


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by clarkd038 In reply to Well it depends on what y ...

With a wireless router you can really lock down the use of that wireless, you can decide who gets on your network by MAC address. you also have the option to broadcast your SSID or not.

This way the network would not be visible by the passer by. Therefore they would be most likely to not even realize there is a connection there unless you set them up with the SSID and the password, or key.

If it was me I would put a wireless N router near your patch panels, then try to delegate repeaters where they would be necessary for everyone to gain access.

hope that helps.

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