Setting up an Exchange Server 2007

By jay ·
I have a domain that is hosted by EarthLink. This is where i go to control our Web Page and Company's email. I want to take our companies email and put it on an Exchange Server. The question is that our External Domain name and our Internal Domain name is different. Do i have to change my internal domain name to match our external one? Exchange Server runs off of Active Directory right? I am confused on how all of that works. Any help would be great. Thanks

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No, you do not have to change the internal Domain.

by faradhi In reply to Setting up an Exchange Se ...

Once you get your server setup, you can add the external domain address to the users exchange attributes either using Users and Computers or Recipient Policies.

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Thanks for the reply

by jay In reply to No, you do not have to ch ...

You said i could change that in the "Users and Computers" or "Recipient Policies". Where exactly is these options? On the Domain Controller or the Exchange Server Software? I actually havent installed the exchange server yet. Thanks again for the feed back.

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User and Computers

by faradhi In reply to Thanks for the reply

When you install exchange you will have be required to install the Admin Pack. That will install User and Computer on the Exchange server. Then when exchange installs it will add the exchange server tabs to the user properties. (In fact these properties are added to the users when the Domain prep and forest prep are performed during the exchange install)

The exchange install will also add the Exchange system manager. This will have the recipient policies. I added the external domain address to the default policy. However you can create a new policy if you have users with different domains.

I hope this helps

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you can use POP3

by CG IT In reply to Setting up an Exchange Se ...

you can still use your Earthlink to host email and use your Exchange POP3 to get it.

Earthlink should have a POP3 server address [DNA address] and if you call em they will give it to you.

How to setup your Exchange Server as a POP3 server?

see for white papers. Their the best place for information on Exchange.

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Do the Aliasing

by my4dreams In reply to Setting up an Exchange Se ...

You can set up aliasing in the exchange server, it will be easier if you setup Linux server with squirrel mail.
You all need (All free):
1) Linux (Ex: Centos5)
2) Squirrel Mail
3) Fetch Mail RC
4) Setup virtual Mapping.

Its realy very easy to setup and fetch mails between different domains without modifying domain name and user accounts.


Girish KG.
Sr. System/NW Administrator
Convate, India.

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