Setting up an IT department for an energy services company

By jukocrispus ·
I am a fresh IT graduate and I have been assigned the task of coming up with the hardware and software requirements for the IT department of a company that will be providing energy services. Can anyone please offer any advice concerning this.

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My advice is

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Setting up an IT departme ...

Quit now and run for the hills.

Emergency Services is one of the most complicated areas to work in let alone to setup from scratch. It's almost impossible for a long term professional with lots of Emergency Services Experience but when it comes to a new graduate with no real experience in this area it's a recipe for Disaster. Who ever sets up the system will be responsible when staff die because something was missed or not even considered or worse still never even thought could occurs.

Emergency Services by it's very nature is about addressing Extreme Events that are Unforseeable, throw in someone with no experience and so much is going to be overlooked that when required the system will be unworkable and worse still cost lives. Not to mention held back ages while studies are undertaken to see what is actually required.

If you persist with this endeavour you'll need lots of people with Field Experience to ask questions about what they actually need and lots of learning time to even begin to work out what you'll need at the base hardware level let alone what must be available to those out in the field trying to save lives.

On the good side it would be Long Term Work unless the people running the show get sick and tired of the mounting expenses no results and the substandard system that isn't suitable and is unusable.

Doing something like this is what I consider a setup so you'll fail and most likely get such a bad name that you'll never get the chance to work in the sector ever again and may even result in jail time. Of course the media broadcasting your name everywhere blaming you for the mess that has ensured is actually worse than being held Legally Responsible as everyone will hold you in contempt and your family as well. There will not blame those that threw you into the mess with no perpetration and insufficient support.


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