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    Setting up an NT Server


    by aspiring_one ·

    I’ve done this a million times, however I’m a bit out of touch with the latest hardware, so I was wondering if someone could tell me their minimum recommendations for building a very basic NT 4.0 Server.

    I am particularly interested in knowing what motherboard/cpu combos you’ve had good results with. It does not have to be anything too fancy, just very reliable to run an NT only product.

    Once the server is set up, it will be completely left alone.

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      Setting up an NT Server

      by calves ·

      In reply to Setting up an NT Server

      If you are building the machine, here is the basic (cheaper too):
      Asus Motherboard (Save on anything else, but get a good motherboard)
      Get a PIII 550 or 600
      Processor Fan and Cabinet Fan
      128 MB RAM
      3 1/4 Diskette drive
      (2) 15 GB 7200 RPM HD (two for redundancy; mirroring)
      Basic Video Drive (check compatibility list or make sure it has NT drivers)
      NIC if you’re networking
      Modem if you connect externally

      I figure about $900.00 for the above setup.
      Another thing I recomend, isthat if you intend to run other OSs, get a removable HD tray ($15.00), and an extra disk. This way you can swap between, OSs.

      Good luck!

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      Setting up an NT Server

      by paultalb ·

      In reply to Setting up an NT Server

      I have a notes server running NT 4 sp4 on a pent 75 with 56mb ram. I am planning on upgrading it but for 2 years it has been sufficent.
      I would say that any current hareware would work.

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      Setting up an NT Server

      by geikko ·

      In reply to Setting up an NT Server

      what will you be using it primarily for? Will you have other servers running on it? Is it for home or work?

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      Setting up an NT Server

      by dragon_p17 ·

      In reply to Setting up an NT Server


      You Need To Install NT4.0..

      486 Machine Or Higher with speed 100MHz 32RAM Or More Normal VGA..& EtherNet Card.
      That’s all..

      Take Care

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      Setting up an NT Server

      by joeri ·

      In reply to Setting up an NT Server

      I have a Pentium 75Mhz with 32MB running NT server. I use it as PDC in a testing domain at home with 4 other PC’s and this works fine.
      In fact, the hardware you need depends on what you want to do with your server, and not only on the OS you want to install on it.

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      Setting up an NT Server

      by mikeheitz ·

      In reply to Setting up an NT Server

      I’m sure everyone would love to have PIII 500 or higher CPU… I am running a P133, and it runs fine. You can save a lot of money by building a nice Celeron system. Use the $$$ you save on the Processor to add another hard disk or more Ram. At some point you may want to upgrade this box to Win2K Server, so you shouldn’t go with anything really low end. I would go for a Celeron 400mhz or so, at least 128mb Ram, a couple 15 or 20 gb har drives (they’re so cheap). ASUS and ABIT are very stable motherboards. Video card doesn’t even matter… but go name brand at least so that the drivers are stable. You won’t be doing any fancy stuff with that anyways.

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