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    Setting up Citrix Remote Access


    by ggillette ·

    I am very new to Citrix, but I have recently been employed by a company who has a Citrix farm in place. Unfortunately, the gentlemen who brought the farm in, is no longer with the company.

    I would like to publish some applications to be accessed via the internet.

    I do not know how to accomplish this. If someone could point me to some sites or articles that would help me out that would be wonderful.

    Just a note there is a Citrix Access Gateway already in place (I am not sure if it is configured or setup). How do I find out whether or not this is running correctly?

    Any and all help welcome.

    Thank you!

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      by ggillette ·

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      Ahh … Citrix.

      by pser ·

      In reply to Setting up Citrix Remote Access

      Been paying my bills for years! You’ll love it … once you figure out “your” new world. A Citrix Guru told me long ago, “Citrix is more of an art than a science”. That being said …

      Like I said try and learn your new world as each Citrix deployment can be/is so very different. Did the last guy document? If so READ everything you can find! Go to the Citrix forums, again, read as much as you can. Ask your questions there, as you will likely find more Citrix knowladge at or on the Citrix specific sites and forums. Oh yeah, another good source

      You will have to do ALL of these things and probably more to find the answers that fit your Farm.

      Good luck!

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        Thanks for the encouragement…..

        by ggillette ·

        In reply to Ahh … Citrix.

        Unfortunately for me he was not much of a writer. I have little to no documentation on anything at this site, and absolutely nothing on Citrix.

        Thanks for the advice and the sources. I am sure I am going to be living Citrix for awhile.

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