Setting up dualies...

By alan ·
I've bought a Nvidia GeForce FX 5500 PCI video card (with one output) assuming I could just plop it in and plug in my 22" Acer widescreen sitting next to my 17" inch Acer plugged into the onboard unit. Apparently it's a little more complicated than that.

At first Windows wouldn't even boot, so I booted in safe mode and disabled the onboard card and then I could boot up normally, but obviously I only have one monitor this way.

I guess what I'm trying to ask is if there's a way to get both the PCI card and the onboard card enabled and ultimately both monitors up and running.

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Different Video Card

by TheChas In reply to Setting up dualies...

Very often, you cannot run both the integrated video and a video card. Many manufactures disable the on-board when you plug in a video card.

Another factor for dual monitors is that both graphic processors need to be from the same manufacture, if not the same GPU.

Your best option is to exchange your new video card for a dual monitor card.


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by alan In reply to Different Video Card

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