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Setting up exchange for external email

By edvin15 ·
I need a little help setting up exchange for external email use. right now, exchange is setup for internal email only, and each user has a POP account for external email. Running Windows Small business 2003 Server. We are getting T1 setup at the office, and wanted to host our own email server. each user has 2 email accounts setup in outlook, POP, and Exchange. our exchange server is not "connected" to the POP server because of the 15min delay for inbound emails.

let me know if you need more detail.


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by Namco In reply to Setting up exchange for e ...

will your T1 have a static IP?

If so, you need to:

A: deliver email to your network by configuring the mx record of your domain name to point to your IP Address

B: Set up your firewall to forward smtp port 25 on to your Exchange server

There is more to it than this - I wasn't sure from your post how much internal network configuration you are planning on doing now that you will have a new default gateway.

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thanks for the info

by edvin15 In reply to Firewall/dns

it will be static. what are the other configurations you are referring to?

we are going from business DSL 5 static IPs to T1

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by rikus In reply to Setting up exchange for e ...

Hi to setup external user you go into your exchange e-mail account. On the first screen that you receive you select more settings. After that you select connection and then exchange proxy settings. Here you fil in your info(server info)and chose basic authentication. The youre setup to receive your mail anyware.

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Me too!

by robert.hedges007 In reply to Setting up exchange for e ...

Edvin, I'm right about there too. I am setting up an exchange server at home, and have brought my domain name. I don't know if I have MX records, but I know I need that too. My server is win2003 and Exch.2003 sp2.

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Hosting Exchange

by curlergirl In reply to Setting up exchange for e ...

Out of the box, Exchange 2003 is ready to host your email, as long as it is a standard setup. The elements that are necessary are (1) SMTP Server service; and (2) Exchange SMTP Virtual Server. Again, these are set up by default when you install Exchange, so if you haven't done anything weird in your setup, you're good. However, the tricky part is: (1) you have to have either a static IP address, or you have to have the right (provided by your ISP) to use one of their SMTP servers as a forwarder for your email server. If you are doing the second one, your ISP has to provide you with a server name and logon information for their SMTP server, and you have to set up an SMTP Connector on your Exchange server to forward all mail through their server. NOTE this is NOT the same thing as a POP3 email account!!

If you have a static IP, then you need to make sure that whoever is hosting your domain has a host record and an MX record on their DNS servers for your email server.

These are the only two ways external mail can be routed to your server.

Hope this helps!

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Need help for my scenario

by vijay32 In reply to Hosting Exchange

I have registered my domain name. I have not subscribed to
any hosting service.

I am running my own DNS on my 2003 server along with

Do I need to setup a host record and MX record on my DNS
server or the hosting firm's DNS server?

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Setting up exchange for external email

by Cloudberry22 In reply to Need help for my scenario

Well you can do either way. Because<a href="">Microsoft Exchange Server hosting</a> is in depended of where you host the DNS/MX records. You can even change providers as you go

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