Setting Up Home Network

By NandKishore.Sagi ·
Hi All ,

I am a total novice to this networking world and need few suggestions in setting up a home network.

I have a desktop, 3 laptops and 2 printers that I need to connect in a network and then also connect to the internet. All of the desktops and laptops are running the XP office or XP home version.

My Modem is not physically accessible to the desktops and laptops are work laptops so they would be disconnected in the morning. Is there way I can connect all of these together so that I can use the printers wirelessly from the laptops and desktops.

What do I need to do to be able to connect to the internet. I have the cable modem with me and I am planning to buy a wireless router.

If you could give me some pointers in helping me decide the best router for me (budget ~60$ not a big spender on money and high security) and any other devices that I might need to use.

Thanks a lot for your help in setting up my home network.

With Best Wishes
Network Novice

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The best source

by IC-IT In reply to Setting Up Home Network

for this information is to start with Google. A lot of guides are available.

You are on the right track, basically you will setup the wireless router (with ports) to the modem (you may need to reset the modem first). Then use a desktop to configure the router. The rest will be in the guides and you will learn a lot.

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Thanks a bunch

by NandKishore.Sagi In reply to The best source

so if I understand right that would mean that I cannot set up ( that the word I am looking at :) ) Laptops with XP home version in a network for file / media sharing.

Thanks a lot for sharing the google link pun intended... :)...I would have to go through that in my spare time now...looks like its gonna be a lot of work now for me....


Network Novice

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You will need...

by NaughtyMonkey In reply to Setting Up Home Network

a wireless router to start. It should have a switch built in so you can plug the desktop into that as well as any other machine that will remain at that central location. The rest will need either built in wireless (most laptops do nowadays) or as an adapter.

The printers can be plugged into the desktop and shared out or you can get a print server. This can be wired and plug into the switch or wireless to allow you to put them other places.

The bad news is this will cost more than $60, but has great prices. Definitely do not buy locally without checking prices online. Most retailers charge at least 25% more than online dealers.

Other bad news is that XP Home has no networking capabilities but you could always upgrade to Pro or switch to Linux. Linux is free but will require some time and knowledge to set it up.

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You know this

by IC-IT In reply to You will need...

but to clarify for the original poster, XP Home has no Domain Networking capability. Workgroup functions are fine.

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I should have been...

by NaughtyMonkey In reply to You know this


In my experience the Windows XP Home functionality is not very good or reliable. XP Pro is much better featured for this sort of task and could save you from some headaches.

Thanks for pointing that out for me.

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by NandKishore.Sagi In reply to You will need...

so there is no way I guess I could say plug one printer into the socket (or is that a port ?) on my router and access that printer from all my other PC's / Laptops ?.... If that would have worked may be I could have kept my other photo printer aside and used the normal one.... ......

Anyways I guess I have a start now....Thanks a lot to all of guys have been helpful.....

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You should be able to

by IC-IT In reply to Thanks

If the printer has an ethernet port. You will set up the port on the printer i.e. IP address, subnet mask, and gateway to match your home network.

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