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Setting up home network.

By Grokking2010 ·
I hope someone can help.
I have a laptop running XP that is connected wireless to the router, my desktop computer is hardwired to the same router. The Laptop has a IP address of, the desk top is
I am trying to set up a network so that I can access the files from each computer directly to another.
I have a SMC router that is supplied by by cable company.
I ran the setup a home network program on both computers but when I look in My Network Places I only see the contents of the computer i am checking.
If I used Windows explorer on my desktop and enter the ip address of the laptop I can see the files on the laptop but when I try to enter the ip address of the desktop into explorer on the laptop nothing happens.
I have spent many hours talking to customer support at my internet provider but they have not helped.
I can ping my laptop from my desktop but I can't ping the desktop. When I tried to ping on the desktop it goes through. I even tried to ping the ip address if the desktop from the desk top and that works. I don't know if that matters.
I have a feeling that the reason that I can't access the file from the desktop has something to do with the reason that I can ping the desktop.
I have tried turning off the fire wall on each computer but that didn't change anything. I use Microsoft essentials for a virus protection and there is nothing else, no remnants of Norton or any other old program.
I have gone through everything to make sure all files are allowed to be shared and in the areas where there is an option to allow echo I have allowed that.
(Have I mentioned I HATE COMPUTERS).
I have spend hours searching the internet for suggested, I have released and renewed the ip address many times I need suggestions. The best idea I have seen included a large hammer,I am close to that.
I really need to connect these two computers. I have called to an expert who has offered to come to m y home for $200 per hour but he cannot guarantee me that he can get it working.
So if you have an idea please let me know.

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