Setting up hotspot within a workplace?

By Timwateru ·
Hi team,

Can someone help me out here..

Our training centre is often booked by people who runs their workshop and trainings (inside the centre). Just recently a group from different ministries run their workshop in our building (training centre) and they come up with this fabulous idea which I think it will be a huge advantage to our organisation.

They said that we should establish a hotspot (inside the training centre building) because most of them (facilitators or participants for example) would want to their check their email from time to time during their training.

I look after our IT in place and I told my boss that it is a good idea but I have to think on how I am going to achieve this. I told my boss that we will establish a hotspot inside training centre (building), sortta like an internet cafe or something like that.

Right next to the training centre is our office where all the staff are located and we are using a modem (RTA1025WE) to access our internet and networks (via local ISP). However if you go inside the training centre they can see our wireless SSID but ofcourse they can't access it because of security key - unless we told them the key.

The question is if we give them the access key to use our internet it would be a problem - they'll probably use most of our broadband/usages and this is not safe.

So I am thinking how am I going to do this. One way is - to set up their internet is by accessing our internet/modem but they have to pay. for example they would come and ask the office for a access login code to access internet and what it is is there will be prices for different hours - this is depending on how long they want to use the internet $6.00 for 30 minutes, $9.00 for an hour and so on (just like in the cafe).

The question is what sort of software which I can recommend to my boss so we can purchase to accommodate us in this manner so each time when people or different groups wanting to use our training centre at least they know they can use or pay for internet. This came out in the last meeting which was brought to our office by the ministries after using our training centre.

I hope I explain myself clearly here. I appreciate any help or comment.

God bless guys

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Got a McDonalds nearby that offers free wifi?

by CG IT In reply to Setting up hotspot within ...

Go there, and login for their free wifi...

That's a quasi hot spot....

If you want to provide visitors with internet access and comply with all laws and regulations regarding internet usage, then you create something like McDonalds has.

If you don't know what equipment will provide you with the means to do this, then some research is in order. Google is your friend.

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Reponse To Answer

by Timwateru In reply to Got a McDonalds nearby th ...


Unfortunately there is no McDonalds nearby us that offers free wifi.

But I will have to research more into this.

God bless

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Have a look at these guys ...

by Rob Kuhn In reply to Setting up hotspot within ...

Have a look at these guys:

And companies such as them to do what you want.

I would also consider getting a second broadband connection for your Ineternet Cafe. That way it doesn't have a negative impact on your business connection and it will help protect your infrastructure (even if it is small...).

If you were not going to charge, offer it as a free courtesey service, you *could* get away with using your current broadband connection. I would strongly recommend that you put a second WAP for the "guest" access. This will help proect your current LAN and make it easy to manage the "guests". Many of the current WAP/Routers include a "Parental" mode which will allow you to setup hours (when it's available) and you can do some website filtering.

Regardless of which way you go in the aforementioned, be prepared to provide IT support to your guests. :)


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Reponse To Answer

by Timwateru In reply to Have a look at these guys ...

Thanks, Rob

Antamedia might do the work for our business. I will research more on this.

Thank you

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