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Setting Up IP Passthrough on Linux

By ahbarrera78 ·
Tags: Networking, Linux

I am running an embedded linux kernel version 3.14. My system has two network interfaces, a 4G LTE modem (ppp0) and an ethernet port (eth0).

I would like to setup IP Passthrough on my box, basically sharing/passing my 4G modems public IP to a single device connected to eth0. The end result would be, connections to my 4G modems public IP will be passed through my system and the connection would actually connect to the device connected to my system's eth0. Seems as though this functionality is also described as a half bridge.

When searching IP Passthrough, it seems that many products support this, but I only find instructions on how to configure those products that support IP Passthrough, not how to accomplish it myself in Linux so I can add this feature to my own product.

If anyone could help me out with any info, even any clues to get me searching in the right direction, I would really appreciate it. My current thought is that it is done through iptables/ebtables, but I am hoping to find out if that thought is correct before I spend weeks learning about iptables.

Thanks in advance! - Anthony

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