setting up network connection between two virtual solaris

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dear friends.

I have a win xp 3rd service pack running in lenov0 T60 series (IBM thinkpad) with a good configuration.

i have installed vmware workstation 7 on my win xp and installed two solaris server 10 on the vmware workstation.

I am not able to connect between these two independent running machine as there is not any network connection between them.

I presume there is some sort of network setting to be done at the window xp level to do the job i,e bridging the two solaris virtual machines.

could any one help me. I would really appreciate that.

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It should be a setting in VMware

by markp24 In reply to setting up network connec ...


You should be able to select a VM setting for the network card,
Bridged, NAT,HOst only, or custom

if you want a provate network choose host only, then the Virtual machines in vmware can see eachother, but noth outside the vmware envirnment,
you can also use NAT where your vm's will get there own natted ip's and use the host pc's nic like a router. (the vm's will get a 192.168.x.x ip and t the host pc will have a real ip on your network (ie 10.10.9.x)
Then theres Bridged where the VM's will have access to the outside network and actually get an IP from your dhcp server, therefore appearing as if they were physical systems on your network.

I usuually use bridged.

Also confirm your ip settings are correct in the solarias VM's

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