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    Setting Up Persistent Site-to-Site VPN


    by charles ·


    I need some guidance to setting up persistent site-to-site vpn between main office, which is behind SBS2003 R2/ISA 2003, and remote office, which is simple workgroup behind a router.

    What we are trying to accomplish is to have folders from either main or remote office map to users network drive.

    I thought persistent site-to-site vpn is a way to go and I researched quite a bit. But I don’t know how can I accomplish site-to-site with our current setup.

    Thanks in advance!

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      by charles ·

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      by jellimonsta ·

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      Well, what is the budget for this project?

      Do you currently have a Cisco router or firewall in your main office? If so, you can set that up to be the VPN head end, and purchase a small ASA 5505 for the remote hardware client.
      You can probably get the ASA for somewhere around $500, and it is capable of being configured as a client, or network extension mode. I imagine you can probably jerry-rig it without the hardware clients using PPTP, but I personally would not bother.

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        Thank you for your advise

        by charles ·

        In reply to Budget?

        Can I use ISA instead of getting Cisco router for the VPN head end? I guess my question would be something like this: Is it possible to implement persistent site-to-site vpn having SBS2004 R2 built-in ISA on the host end and hardware clients on the other end.

        Our budget is flexible, but I just don’t want something that is overkill.

        Thank you so much!

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