setting up primary and secondary dvd+rw/cd rom drives

By tsheridan62967@roadrunner ·
Please advise me on how to set up a primary dvd+rw drives and a cd rom slave drive? Thank you. More specifically, I need to burn dvd-rws with my dvd+rw drive and read cd roms/audio cd with my slave drive.

Please contact me:

1) tsheridan62967@roadrunner.com
2) tomp12@msn.com
3) tomp12@aussiemail.com

thank you

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by jamesatmaisonverre In reply to setting up primary and se ...

On the back of your dvd rom there is a small plastic and copper clip in about 8 small pins.Make sure it is on the second last pair of pins to the right.The clip just pull out.On your cd rom do the same thing but make sure the clip is on th second last pair on the left.Plug the roms in on the second ide sockek, with your dvdrw on the oposite end and the cdrom in the middle.The clips should be in a verticle position on the roms.You have now set your roms up as secondary master and slave.

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How about the middle or end of the cable?

by TomBrook11232 In reply to drives

Does the connection position on the cable matter? i.e. the middle or end of the cable?

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same idea as primary

by Evilseed In reply to How about the middle or e ...

use the end of the cable as your primary connection and the middle as secondary

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by .Martin. In reply to same idea as primary


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You need to change your jumpers

by naylynnaung In reply to setting up primary and se ...

Hi you said that you need to set up primary DVD+RW drive and CD ROM drive. I think you need to change your drives jumper settings.

You need to change the jumper settings of both of your drives. The jumper settings will be at the rear side of these drives. The jumpers are just a groups of small plastic caps which inserted to a group of metal pins. The correct jumper settings will be printed on the top side of the drives. You need to make sure to replace these plastic caps to master position in DVD+RW drive and slave position in CD ROM drive.

I want you to locate empty IDE connector on your motherboard. There will be at least one connector. IDE connector are just a groups of metal pins bounded with the plastic rectangle.

I need you to have one IDE cable which must consist of three sockets. Please connect one socket which located in far side of the cable with the IDE connector on the motherboard. The other two sockets will be use to connect your drives simultaneously.

I want you to locate two empty drive bays in front of the system casing. Remove two of the fiber caps from bays. Insert drives in these bays. I want you to connect the other two IDE sockets with these two drives. After these you must connect power molex connector from your power supply to supply the require voltage to your drives. And then you are finished.

Let me know whether my information is helpful or not.

Mail to me.

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zombie alert

by PurpleSkys In reply to You need to change your j ...

does anyone read the dates on the original post?

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by .Martin. In reply to zombie alert

I laugh at you and your 'reading'



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