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Setting up printers on workstations

By connectknee ·
Our school went from Novell to Win 2003 server. I have 2 labs with 30 computers each running Win XP sp2. I tried setting up a networked printer to each workstation but when the students log on as themselves there is know printer. How can I set up a printer so that each student has access to it.

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by p.mears In reply to Setting up printers on wo ...

If you are using Windows 2003 as a domain controller, you need to create a login script that is processed each time the use logs in.

this batch or vbscript file is placed in %SystemRoot%\sysvol\sysvol\\scripts

A sample batch file might look like this:


REM - this line deletes any current mapped
REM printers in case there is a change in
REM network settings
if exist lpt3 net use lpt3 /delete

REM - this line maps lpt3 to the network
REM printer
net use lpt3 \\server_name\printer_name

A sample vbscript file might contain:

dim oPort
dim oMaster
set oPort = CreateObject("Port.Port.1")
set oMaster = CreateObject("PrintMaster.PrintMaster.1")
oPort.PortType = 3
oPort.PortName = "\\server_name\printer_name"
oMaster.PortAdd oPort
if Err <> 0 then
msgbox "There was an error creating the port."
end if

These scripts can also be placed in the Group Policy Framework if you need certain users/groups to map to specific printers.

- Philip

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by connectknee In reply to

This helped me out. Thank you.

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by connectknee In reply to Setting up printers on wo ...

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