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Setting Up Remote Data Center

By jfrickson ·
I need to set up a remote data center. There will initially be 5 servers -- one Windows 2003 Server, and 4 Linux, probably SuSE.

My budget will be somewhat limited, so price is a factor. Since it's remote, remote management is a BIG factor. I've heard that HP and Sun have the best remote management, followed by IBM and Dell.

If I were to go HP, I'd probably get a mix of Proliant DL140's and DL360's. For Sun, it would probably be a mix of X2100's and X4100/X4200's. I haven't looked too much at IBM's offerings, but I'm guessing a mix of xSeries 336 and x3550's. I've pretty much ruled out Dell.

I would appreciate recommendations and comments on the (dis)advantages of these or other systems.


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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Setting Up Remote Data Ce ...

Only thing that I'll add is that IBM Partner with both Red Hat and SUSE and if you have a problem they guarantee to have a fix within 48 hours.

Apparently according to IBM they have 20 + of their own staff working with only Linux and have a hot line to the developers if necessary.

While their products are more expensive they do offer a better service with some nicer hardware which comes at a premium price.

If you are only looking at the initial purchase price then Dell would be the way to go but they will be unreliable. If you can consider Down Time Costs in the purchase I would go the IBM route as they just have a better service that no one else can match. And you are far less likely to need it.


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Uplogix Follow-up

by tmerla In reply to Setting Up Remote Data Ce ...

Hello John,

I wanted to follow up with you on your request and find out if you were ever able to find a remote management tool to support your new data center? I would like an opportunity to discuss this further with you. When you get a chance please call me.

Attached is additional information on our console based solution that provided out-of-band support for remote sites, remote branch offices and data centers.

Per your request, I have provided updated information and links for your review to provide you with a better understanding of our current features and functionalities.

The Uplogix solution provides the leading next generation console based solution that provides secure out of band management for your remote sites, remote branches and data center environments.

Our product delivers a comprehensive solution for effectively managing highly distributed IT environments, while simultaneously reducing support costs, streamlining maintenance tasks, improving network security, satisfying industry and regulatory compliance standards such as the PCI Data Security Standard and SOX Compliance and avoids disruptive outages.

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Tracy Merla

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