Setting up replacement Windows 2000 server

By zadetoro ·
I'm need some help. I current have a windows 2000 server (Compaq ML350 G2) that serves as our primary (and only) domain controller as well as everything else server (file, print, etc). This box was set up before my time with the company. I believe that it was set up for RAID but was setup incorrectly. Let me further explain:
When I started, the machine had two 18.2GB disks and one 36.4GB. So I assume that the box was set-up with a RAID 0 config. I purchased three hotswappale 146GB disks (prior to me knowing the RAID config was messed up or that there was even a config). The intention was to RAID 5 those three disks and then use the two 18GB disks for the OS and mirror those. That has not been possible however because I am not able to use the last scsi port (machine crashes when I insert a disk there). Also, the machine does not boot back up unless the two 146GB drives I just purchased are removed.

Having said all that, me question is that I have decided to build another box (HP Proliant ML350 G4) with the correct config that I want. We currently use Veritas 9 for back-up to tape. As long as I have sure the drive letterings are correct and match the old box, will my restore be successful? Or are there some changes made in the register in regards to RAID that may prevent this full restore for being successful?

Any suggests or answers to this posting will be GREATLY appreciated. Thanks in advance.


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My two cents

by jakesty In reply to Setting up replacement Wi ...

I would make the second server a DC on your network and get it all set up to accept all of your responsibilities, raid, print services, etc. Make sure it works. Then when you're done, take down the primary, seize the FSMO roles and you'll be back online in mere minutes with out the concern about whether your system will work. Actually very easy to do.
Then format the old server and make it a DC on your network. Backups are nice for data, but not too pretty for servers.

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I'll give it a shot

by zadetoro In reply to My two cents

Thanks Jakesty, I'll give that a shot.

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Totally Agree

by rkuhn In reply to My two cents

No point in over complicating this and worrying about your backups.

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Simular View

by Puckstopper In reply to My two cents

Absolutely use a second DC. But you could also transfer the roles gracefully, shut down the first DC and wait a day or two to ensure stability. Then run dcpromo on the first DC and demote it.

Then build it from scratch and make it a DC again.

Having only one DC is a horrible idea. Even if your secondary on is what ever happens to be kicking around.

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you can make disk image

by florim In reply to Setting up replacement Wi ...

Hello i had smilar problem but you can do it painless if those servers are the same i mean in hardware then you can use r-disk image to create actual image of the server and the to restore completly into new one because it will create evrything for you and then you will have spare place in you disks.

i hope this help

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