Setting up server 2003 test network (beginner)

By barryt82 ·
hi i am looking to set up a small network at home to gain the experience. this is the first time i will have done this and i am having some some trouble. basically i have a pc ready for server 2003 with 2 nic's, 2 laptops with xp pro and a pc with xp pro, a dlink router, an 8 port switch and my virgin media modem. could some please tell me how i need to connect these so that the all access my domai that i will set up. any help will be much appreciated.

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First question Barry,

by ComputerCookie In reply to Setting up server 2003 te ...

Workgroup or Domain?

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workgroup or domain

by clarkd038 In reply to First question Barry,

If this is a test network for him to gain experience with networking he is probably going to want to set up a domain. The first step would be to install server 2003, run "dcpromo" from the run prompt, this will begin the installation of Active Directory. It will also set up DNS during this install. From there you can create your users in Active Directory users and computers. Then you can begin to link your modem to the router. And then from the router to the switch, and begin connecting all of the PC's to the switch. You can then begin to log into the Domain, My computer-Properties-Computer Name-Domain, and enter the domain that you entered while setting up Active Directory.

If you have any other questions let me know.
Good Luck

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You *** u me a lot!

by ComputerCookie In reply to workgroup or domain

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Is there anything I've missed?

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Easy Cookie

by Dumphrey In reply to You ass u me a lot!

We all started new at some point.

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by barryt82 In reply to workgroup or domain

thanks for your help i will give it a try

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