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    Setting up Server


    by palazzini ·

    I am setting up a server for a client’s network.

    Their network admin gave me the IP info and it looks strange to me.
    The machine’s IP address and the gateway are on two separate subnets.
    I have always had the gateway and the machine IP on the same subnet
    and am wondering if this will work.

    Here are the settings (Numbers masked with letters):
    Machine IP 66.b.c.d
    Subnet Mask
    Gateway IP 209.e.f.g

    This just does not look right to me.

    Can someone confirm that this will work/not work?

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      Reply To: Setting up Server

      by cg it ·

      In reply to Setting up Server

      guy probably screwed up and gave you a DNS address for the 209.e.f.g address.

      The gateway out should be on the same subnet.

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      Reply To: Setting up Server

      by hozcanhan ·

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      palazzini hi again . you should be able to ping the gateway from the server , with the given ip addresses and netmasks. if not he “pulled” your leg ! Ask him if there is a router somewhere or if there is a NAT server around . His answer will give you a clue whether he knows this business or not , or it will force him to give you correct info .

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      Reply To: Setting up Server

      by palazzini ·

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