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Setting up sites in Active Directory .

By jtsylvanis ·
I have a network set up for learning Windows 2000 and Directory Services in detail. When in its final shape, it will have 5 computeres and 3 network segments. So far it has 3 computers and 2 segments: A Win98 client and 2 Win2000 servers, both with Active Directory and DNS installed. The client is connected to the first server. These two machines comprise a first network segment. The first server is configured as a router (with 2 NICs, naturally), and it connects to a second segment with the second Win2000 server on it.

Now, I set up 2 sites on the first server, with one of the sites on the first network segment, the other site on the second segment. I also moved the first server into the first site, the second server into the second site. But,remember, this configuration took place solely in the first server's Active Directory.

What do I have to do in the second server's Active Directory to make sure that the second site
reside on the second network segment? Or, will the 2 directories synchronize?

Thank you very much,
John T. Sylvanis

PS: Is it possible to get your answer at the e-mail address above?

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by CG IT In reply to Setting up sites in Activ ...;en-us;316812

that's an article on creating site links in Active Directory.;en-us;19**74

That's an article dealing with the basics on director replication across sites in Active Directory

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by CG IT In reply to

remove any spaces in the url. if the url doesn't work visit and type in the article # in the searc bar and click the go button. you'll be taken to the appropriate article. for reference the two articles are: 316812 & 19**74

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