Setting up Static IP with 10.1.x.x LAN IPs

By Lysdexicone ·
I've searched everything and cannot find out why when I run 'ipconfig /all' I get a 10.1.x.x IP instead of a 192.168.x.x IP like all the tutorials.

If anyone could please enlighten me on how to change this I'd be very grateful.

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do you have DHCP activated and is their a dhcp server on the

by Deadly Ernest In reply to Setting up Static IP with ...

network - many modern routers also do dhcp server duty. If both these are true, it's getting an address from the server.

To set it as 192.168.x.x you need to deactivate dhcp and set for static or manual IP address. you'll also need to set the gateway and dns server info.

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change your ip settings

by Snuffy09 In reply to Setting up Static IP with ...

first of all your computer is configured this way for a reason i assume.

you can change it, but DHCP may not be enabled on your network thus the static IP.

but anyways go to control panel/network connections/ right click your LAN connection/ click properties/ click internet protocol/click properties/mark the radio biutton to obtain ip automatically on both DNS and IP settings.

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Because the tutorials

by IC-IT In reply to Setting up Static IP with ...

assume that it is a Class C subnet in the Private (non-routable over the internet) range.
The 10.x.x.x is also a private range, however it may be used for a very large network or may be broken down to a smaller set.
For more reading Google NAT and/or private IP ranges.

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