Setting Up Terminal Server With 80G

By Cudmasters Los ·
I learned how to set up my terminal server and domain controller using the videos from Train Signal. They teach you how to set up the TS and DC. They Recommend the TS be set up with 80G.

My question is I have 25 users, that 80 Gig will be used up real fast. I have been reading, and if i understand correctly, i am to point the user folder direction to the unused harddrive space. If so, is this for their (Documents, favorites, desktop etc.) Also,if this is correct, how do you do that? Or is there another way.


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80GB of what? the applications ?

by CG IT In reply to Setting Up Terminal Serve ...

Terminal Services is similar to but not quite the same as, remote desktop.

You can store user documents created from a terminal services session elsewhere such as a file server. The my documents folder redirection creates user folders under the user profile when the user saves documents they create.

here's a MS technet article on folder redirection:

you can create home folders for users as well which will serve the same purpose.

hint: look in active directory users and computers, user account properties.

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thanks for the link

by Cudmasters Los In reply to 80GB of what? the applica ...

thanks for the link CG IT, also appreciate all of your help. got another question i'm going to post, this one is a mind boggler, has to do with RDP. need to think this one through to post the question, very confusing to even explain.

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have to remember that terminal services

by CG IT In reply to thanks for the link

is like the name implies, a terminal that access "stuff" but does not contain the "stuff". Thin clients without hard drives are like this. the operating system, the applications, and the data users will interact with are provided to the terminal.

Saving documents while in a terminal session can be directed or specified by how the applications are configured. you can create individual user folders which documents created from a terminal session are stored in.

As you know, terminal services is "cloud computing".

RDP is a terminal session to one's computer located elsewhere. While the computer you use to access the remote computer has it's own applications and operating system, your session is using the remote computers operating system and applications. The terminal session doesn't provide them to the client like a terminal server.

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On my terminal server

by Cudmasters Los In reply to have to remember that ter ...

i should create a "My Documents" for each user i create, in the spare drive, and point to that folder?

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Guess the best suggestion is to try it out

by CG IT In reply to On my terminal server

your previous post mentioned RDP... so I suggest you get to computers with Windows XP or a server and workstation that support remote desktop. Setup the test environment and remote desktop in. Then use applications on the remote computer via RDP session, save the document.

Try printing...

That way you get an idea of what happens during a RDP session.

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