Setting up Testbench/Lab Network Routing?

By n00badmin ·
We have a non-managed linksys router/switch (r1) immediately after the modem. I want to segregate a portion of the network utilizing a second non-managed linksys router/switch (r2) for the purposes of setting up a WinServer 08 AD Domain test environment.

R1 clients are winXP/7 workstations set up in a workgroup config My inclination is to connect the WAN port on r2 to a ethernet port on r1. Set a static IP on r2 (gateway ip?), reserve that IP on r1 while maintaining DHCP service for the workgroup clients. Turn DHCP off on r2 as I want to run the DHCP role on the WinServ 08.

I had the WinServ 08 on a VM with AD, DNS and DHCP roles running this morning and it grabbed all the office workgroup client leases this morning and I had to go and release/renew them after I removed the DHCP role from the VM server. The routers are WRT54G's. Is it possible to this with the equiment I have on hand as I need the test server and domain connected VM clients to be able to access the internet? If so, how, as I am at a loss.

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Your connections are correct

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Setting up Testbench/Lab ...

But you need to enter the Routers Setup and make sure that it is actually working as a Router. You can also turn off the DHCP at the same time.

Then connect the Server to a Ethernet Port on the Second Router which should isolate the computers connected to it from the rest of the Network and then ideally depending on what you want to do I would have the remainder of the computers involved in the Test Environment connected through the Server.

That way the Server can do whatever you want in Filtering/Monitoring/Controlling the data through put of the Test Domain. Without impacting on the rest of the network.


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Will give it a go!

by n00badmin In reply to Your connections are corr ...

Thank you for your reply! I will test it out and see what comes of it after my clients finish imaging.


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