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setting up two segments on LAN

By k4k ·
At our company we are going to have 2 leased line internet access. i.e one 256Kbps & 512Kbps we are using 2 routers for this purpose. we'll be using 256Kbps line to first segment of LAN & 512Kbps line to another segment of LAN. these two segments will have different subnet first one will have & second will have . these two segments should communicate with each other.

how do i perform this & do you see any possible pitfalls in this setup??

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setting up two segments on LAN

by Shanghai Sam In reply to setting up two segments o ...

I believe you're going to cover 2 segments under same servers. (ie. domain server, file server, mail server, etc.) Am I right?
Are those two lan segments distant location or within the same building?
I will pretend that they are within the same building. If not, you'll need to have separate servers for your distant segment to work efficiently.
First of all, your 2 routers can be connected by DCE DTE cable through serial port. you need to get into the router which uses DCE cable and set the clockrate under serial interface and set the bandwidth. The one with DTE you set the bandwidth only.
Second, you need to put in other subnet as a neighbor in your routing configuration and vice versa for other router.

Here is an example for router 1:
router (protocol) (ASN)
network mask
neighbor remote-as (ASN)

Here is an example for router 2:
router (protocol) (ASN)
network mask
neighbor mask

Put your servers(web, proxy, etc) that will access internet on a segment that runs the faster internet access.

Your lan segement that will have 256kbps internet access will have half the speed of 512kbps, but it depends on the# of users too. If you have way more users in 512k and few in 256k, obviously 256k will have faster internet access.

Hope I helped you a little.
Like I said before, gimme more info in detail so I can give you more in-depth answer to your question.

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setting up two segments on LAN

by fenaikh In reply to setting up two segments o ...

pls read these articles it may help you.

Good luck


IP 101: All About IP Addresses

IP Routing 101: Interior Gateway Protocols

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