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By bodibaski ·
Dear All,
I am trying to setup UBUNTU SERVER for official purpose. I could make a simple server. But i should aware before setting up UBUNTU server. If something goes wrong in future i should be able to recover server data.

My server is simply for FILESHARING. Please give me some guidelines before setting ubuntu server.

I have 500GB HDD. I planned to split thd HDD as / 50GB, /data 400GB /swap 3GB.

I wanted to store data separately in /data drive.

Please let me know if i am in a situation to reinstall the server will i lose the /data data?

And after setting the server i would like to move all the data from WIN2003 to UBUNTU SERVER. But there is no GUI in ubuntu server. How can i get GUI and to transfer data?

Thanks for all.

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try asking questions in the Question area, is a good start -nt

by Deadly Ernest In reply to SETTING UP UBUNTU SERVER
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A place to start

by j-mart In reply to SETTING UP UBUNTU SERVER

I would start here :

Personally I prefer to use Debian or Centos for servers. Centos being basically the same as Red Hat Enterprise server has the advantage of being set up the same as Red hat, with there being many easy to find books on administering a Red Hat Enterprise Server.

When installing Centos and Debian you can easily have a setup that boots into a Cl login for normal operation but also allows you to start up an Xserver fo some admin tasks.

Becoming comfortable working in a Cl environment in Linux is only a matter of putting the time into learning, the more you learn the more comfortable you will be. Becoming a skilled Linux admin. will also be an asset in an IT career. all you need can be found on the internet and getting some good textbooks if you can also helps.

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