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Dear All,
I am trying to setup UBUNTU SERVER for official purpose. I could make a simple server. But i should aware before setting up UBUNTU server. If something goes wrong in future i should be able to recover server data.

My server is simply for FILESHARING. Please give me some guidelines before setting ubuntu server.

I have 500GB HDD. I planned to split thd HDD as / 50GB, /data 400GB /swap 3GB.

I wanted to store data separately in /data drive.

Please let me know if i am in a situation to reinstall the server will i lose the /data data?

And after setting the server i would like to move all the data from WIN2003 to UBUNTU SERVER. But there is no GUI in ubuntu server. How can i get GUI and to transfer data?

Thanks for all.

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in ubuntu...

by ---TK--- In reply to SETTING UP UBUNTU SERVER

to get a GUI... at the CLI type: sudo apt-get install gdm , which should install a GNOME desktop.

For partitioning out Ubuntu check this thread out:

For file sharing read up on NFS, Samba, and permissions. or you could run sudo apt-get install NFS , sudo apt-get install smb , and sudo apt-get install smbfs .

smb is samba server which will allow a Win box use the shares on the ubuntu box.

smbfs is the other way around... but you dont really need this one considering NTFSG3 is installed by default, and you can mount to an NTFS share with the proper syntax with out it...

nfs is Network File System - google it :)

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IP differs

by bodibaski In reply to in ubuntu...

Hi Friend,

Thanks for the valuable reply. I have done these thing. For GUI i installed GNOME desktop by using apt-get install ubuntu-desktop. The problem is, i could see the network connection in gnome desktop. If i try to setup a connection in GNOME, what i see in gnome is different in console. THe thing is if i change the ip in terminal that doesnt affect in GNOME.

And i didnt see any GUI for giving permision in GNOME like the one avail in winserver2003.


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by ---TK--- In reply to IP differs

I would run "sudo apt-get update" and after that "sudo apt-get upgrade" to get the latest and greatest. Might fix the issue your having with IP addresses, which I have never seen before... as far as setting permissions, are you looking to set permissions with active directory using users and groups?

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IP not displays in n/w manager.

by bodibaski In reply to hm....

Hi there,

I tried sudo apt-get update then apt-get upgrade, there was some process running. But when i logged in to gnome the n/w shows no active connection. But when i checked the ip with the terminal it shows the correct ip which i used before.
The internet is working fine with the mozilla. But the n/w maanger doesnt shows the active connection.

Please help me.

What i did is: I installed UBUNTU server then i installed gnome using apt-get install ubuntu-desktop.

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