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Setting up Website off of Home Computer

By alexander.david.r ·

I am helping a friend out with setting up a website to run off of his home computer. He has already purchased a domain name and I have the IP address of his computer all written down. We are stuck at how to make the domain name point to the ip address of the machine with the website on it. If this is possible what do we need to do in order to accomplish this? I figured we would also have to set up a server to house the website (I was going to think of using Xammp since its in PHP) but our main focus is the Domain pointing part. Any and all help is apreciated. Thanks in advance.


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by lowlands In reply to Setting up Website off of ...

You'll have to register your domain name/IP combination with someone who provides DNS services. There are a number of party's out there who offer this. Check out zoneedit.com or dyndns.com for example.

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by davidnlndn05 In reply to Setting up Website off of ...

What about the ISP provider? If you can purchase a static IP it is more suitable to host a website at home. Just ensure you tighten router security. With a DHCP address it can change over time and the site would become inaccessable. Depending on whom the domain name address was registered with you also should have the option to point the domain name to the registered IP address. I'd contact the ISP for options as well as the company you purchased the domain through and even check the domain name management area for more information on this.

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by webjabber In reply to Setting up Website off of ...

who is your domain name provider?

If your domain name provider doesn't allow change DNS setting like 1&1, you have to change your DNS setting to a free DNS provider, like zoneedit.com or dyndns.com

If you move to godaddy, it offers free hosting. Athough it has ads with it. You can override it if you like.

A secure path to access your servers.


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by CG IT In reply to Setting up Website off of ...

here's how it works. The domain registrar you purchased the domain name from has name servers that they automatically list as authoritative for the domain name you bought. These name servers point the registrars address to your domain name. To get your domain name to point to a different address you have to specify different name servers with the domain registrar. All registrars have the option for you to specify alternate name servers that are authoritative for your domain name.

you can get alternate authoritative name servers in a couple of different ways. first is the suggestions the previous 3 posters suggested. Buy a domain name service which you list their name servers as authoritative for your domain name with the domain name registar you bought the domain name from. Both the registrar and the domain name service should have how to articles that walk you through the process of changing name servers. Also domain name services usually have a small program you must download and install for dynamic addresses so that should your address from your ISP change, this program will recognize the change and update the change with the services name servers.

This is the easiest way.

The more difficult way to to setup your own DNS servers for your domain name. Not recommended for novices.

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