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    Setting up wi-fi for big place(house)


    by huaea ·

    I have a house 22metres wide and 9metres long with 3floors. Inside it, there are 9 apartments with 1 or 2 bedrooms. For renting purposes we need have set up wifi all over the house for capacity at max 50 devices connected to it. The router will be positioned in the center of the house on the wall on the second floor. I understand it’s a lot to do a setup like this but I will try my best to bring down to specific questions. Firstly, I doubt that the router we got from t-com for home use is enough for that many users and their devices because nowadays family of just 3 members has at least 3-4 devices and multiply that with 9 apartments you get a pretty concerned number of devices connected to one low-grade router. Secondly, wifi needs to cover the whole house. Is the best solution to wire wired extenders to each end of the house or what? I don’t know what to write more… Money is not that important factor in this project but of course, we would want to keep it as low as possible… I hope you will be able to help me sort out this because today to come on holiday and not having internet strong enough for everyone is the biggest owner’s sin. Thank you a lot in advance.

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      The number of floors here is the issue

      by oh smeg ·

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      The size isn’t overly large as a WiFi Signal can travel 500 Meters but it stays in a single plane so while it should cover a single floor the floor above or below may not get a signal.

      What you would be best doing here is running some CAT 5 or 6 cable between the floors and have a single WiFi Access Point per floor. Though here I must add that the construction of the building is important if it’s wood or brick should not be too much of an issue though Fluro Lights and Electrical Wiring will be issues but steel frames can kill WiFi Proprgration so depending on what is involved in the construction of this place things may get more difficult and you may need more WiFi Access Points per floor.

      As for the brand of the WiFi Points that all depends and while it’s true no one was ever fired for buying IBM or in the case of Network Gear Cisco I have been into local Hospitals and seen Netgear WiFi Access Points spread around it so it just depends on how much you have to spend and your preference to WiFi Access Points.

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