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Setting Up WinXP clients with Win2K DC

By sowolabi ·
Hi. I asked a question earlier, which was
answered very helpfully, thanks very much. But i
STILL have problems. Let me be explicit:
We have a Win2K Server as DC, with mostly
Windows XP clients. So in AD Users and
Computers ,i created an OU underneath the
domainOU(companyname.local), calling it
HomeOffice.Beneath the HomeOfficeOU, i created
sub-OUs , namely AdminDept-OU,SalesDept-OU, and
the TechnicalDept-OU. I also created users
directly beneath the HomeOffice-OU as well, for
all the users in the company.Within each sub-OU,
i created groups(Security
Groups-Global)corresponding to each dept& placed
Users within the
TechnicalDept-OU-ITAdmins group;in the
SalesDept-OU--SalesAdmin,and SalesExec groups;
in the AdminDept-OU--Management group.
Then i published shared folders for each dept
into their corresponding sub-OU.So.Then in the
companyname.local-OU, i created a GPO for the
login script i wanted to add,dropped in the
script. I also copied all the WinXP *.adms into
a GPO at that level as well. then i linked those
two GPOs into the sub-OUs(per dept.)as THEIR
GPs. My login script still doesnt apply to the
users.This is my script:
Rem Logon script*Echo Welcome %USERNAME% to the
Echo %USERDOMAIN% Domain*REM Drive Mappings*REM
Home Drive NET USE K: \\Servershare\Users\
NET USE \\Servername\Admin*IFMEMBER ITAdmins*
NET USE F: \\Servername\Technical*IFMEMBER
SalesAdmin*NET USE E: \\Servername\Sales*REM
Public Directory*NET USE H:
\\Servername\DOCS\*REM Printer**
NET USE DOT4_OO1: \\Servername\hpoffice*REM Set
The Time**NET TIME \\DB /SET /YES*Rem End
The output, when i run it thru the command
line,hiccups when it gets to the printer and
public directory.I get:"System error 67 has
occurred.The network name cannot be found."The
other shares listed are within Public Dir!!The
PrintSrv=DC (by USB), and i'm sure of the port.

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