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Setting up wireless networking with two Linksys WRT54s(G&G2)

By rrrrix ·
When utilizing more than one Linksys WRT54, what are "cascading", "bridge", "point-to-multipoint", and "repeater" configurations and how do I know which one would be best suited for my situation or if my equipment is capable of the configuratuion I need to use?

I have the main router (WRT54G) connected to the Internet gateway with a NAS also connected to the wireless router. In another part of the building I would like to have the other router (WRT54G2) where two computers and two network printers share printer and Internet access on the network with the other wireless router. Can I accomplish what I want with this equipment?

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RE: Can I accomplish what I want with this equipment?

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Setting up wireless netwo ...

Should be able to but you'll need to make several changes tot he second Router.

Just stick it on the end of a CAT5/6 Cable to what passes for the UpLink Socket on the back of the device and setup as required. If you keep the Router Part Functional it will isolate that section of the LAN from the rest of the LAN and you'll have a Child LAN for want of a better description.






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What about settings?

by rrrrix In reply to RE: [i]Can I accomplish w ...

OH Smeg,
Thanks for your reply to my post.

Okay, so leave the original router (#1(WRT54G) that is connected to the cable modem untouched basically, and I connect the other router (#2(WRT54G2) via cat5 leading from one of the numbered ports on router #1 to the Internet (uplink) port on router #2?

Should I change the IP setting on router #2 to be different than router #1 and disable DHCP? Do I need to change the operating mode from "gateway" to "router"? Or should I leave all the default settings as is? When I tried different combinations of settings as mentioned above both routers functioned independently from each other, but I could not figure out how to get router #2 to connect wirelessly to router #1 so that the computers on router #2 could connect to the Internet and the NAS that are connected to router #1. SSIDs and encryption were set identically on both routers. Are there any other settings I need to change?

Thanks in advance for the help.

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OK here you need

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to What about settings?

To disable the actual Router in the second Device. If you leave it working it effectively Isolates the computers connected tot he second Router from the main Network and is what for want of a better description is a Child LAN.

By all means disable the DHCP on the second device as it's not necessary. As for the Wired and Wireless Networks you'll need to enter the Routers Setup and Bridge the two LAN's so that they can communicate with each other or they will remain separate.

At the moment I can not get a Copy of the Owners Manual for this Device so try setting the second one as a Repeater so that the SSID and other Security of the first one get used though I'm not sure if this model supports that option.

As for the rest of the settings on the second one they will need to be altered according to your needs. The second device really doesn't need to be anything more than a Hub here.


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