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setting up XP pro as a server

By megaslave ·
How do you go about setting up XP to act as a server like the old NT server.

I have a peer to peer network at the moment but want to set up one computer to act as the main file server for the network.

I need a step for step guide on how to do this if it is even possible.


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What You Can and Can?t Do with IIS in Windows XP Professional

by retstg In reply to setting up XP pro as a se ...

Here's an excerpt from Microsoft's Windows XP Inside Out e-book, that may point you in the right direction. It's not exactly a true Server setup but may allow you to do what you need to do using the FTP site setup in IIS.

The version of IIS included with Windows XP Professional is not as versatile or powerful as the one shipped with server editions of Windows. Its principal limitations are that it lets you create only one Web site and one FTP site, and it allows a maximum of 10 simultaneous TCP connections. (Practically speaking, because some Web pages might require multiple connections, this might mean that no more than seven users can be accessing your Web or FTP site at any one time.) To use IIS with more than 10 simultaneous connections or to create multiple Web or FTP sites, you need one of the server editions of Microsoft Windows.
The connection limit precludes your using Windows XP Professional as a platform for hosting an e-commerce site or any other kind of site that?s intended to reach the public at large. But IIS on Windows XP Professional can still be very useful in your organization.
First, if you?re a Web developer, IIS provides a server that you can use for developing and testing your work before you move it to a larger server. Second, small and medium-sized organizations or workgroups can use IIS on Windows XP Professional to host an intranet, a private network based on Internet technology. If your workgroup needs an FTP site to use as a repository for shared files, IIS on Windows XP Professional should meet your needs more than adequately. Finally, if what you intend to create is a public Web site that will be used primarily by extended family members or a small club or school, the 10-connection limit might not present a serious obstacle.

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