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    Setting Windows 95 as a Master Browser


    by trev ·

    I need to know how to set up a Windows 95 Clients as a master browser. We have several LANs set up around the province and all the servers are located in a central location. We have a main client base just a short ways from us with over 80% of thesystems located there. We cannot get the clients to browse our LAN. We want to set up a Windows 95 client machine as a master browser at the remote site and get browsing information from the domain master browser at our local site. How do we go about doing this?


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      Setting Windows 95 as a Master Browser

      by calves ·

      In reply to Setting Windows 95 as a Master Browser

      To get W95 to compete to be a master browser, go to properties of Network Neighborhood, add file and print sharing and on properties of file and print sharing you’ll find the settings you’re looking for.
      However, you should learn more about Master Browsers, for you may hurt you LAN by allowing a foreign machine to compete for master browser.
      What you should have remotely is a BDC with DHCP agent and WINS.

      Good Luck!

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      Setting Windows 95 as a Master Browser

      by lil_turk ·

      In reply to Setting Windows 95 as a Master Browser

      Don’t worry about the points for this question this is just a commment. I had the same problem and Win95 does a terrible job as the master browser. As a solution we implented a Windows NT 4 workstation and it solved all our browsing problems. I had to pick a power user and tell him not to cut his machine off. This is not a solution but this solves your problem. Also with the ease of use for W2K I would use one user per segement and load W2k on their machine. I hope this helps you out.

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      Setting Windows 95 as a Master Browser

      by trmcdougle ·

      In reply to Setting Windows 95 as a Master Browser

      For a 95 machine to be MB it must have sharing and something shared.
      You must also not have any other PC with a higher windows version (NT/2000 maybe 98) on the same workgroup, unless they have browse mastering disabled. The actual choosing of the MB is done when the first machine joins the workgroup or the existing MB leaves.
      Another respondant said use NT4 instead, we had problems with remote browsing that were only solved by NOT having an NT machine in the workgroup. (Only part of theworkgroup was visable, this was probably caused by both the above and below factors combined.)
      I have also found that it is possible to get 2 machines being MB for 1 workgroup if the case (e.g. Admin vs ADMIN) of the workgroup name is different, even though it appears as one workgroup.
      As with must MS problems I would recommend that the first place to look is the MS knowledge base at

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