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    Setup a library with digital books


    by kliff007 ·

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    I have thousands of books from Amazon, Barnes & Nobles, Google and Apple, Is there a way I can set up an online library so my friends, or anyone I allow to can search through those books, read them or lend them?
    Your idea will be very appreciated.

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      It may be possible, BUT…

      by Wizard57M-TR ·

      In reply to Setup a library with digital books

      You would have to review the DRM of each book as most online book purchases are only licensed for a single user.
      Some book sellers get quite perturbed when DRM violations
      occur. I would advise against it except for free, “open source”
      books, which then you could just write a simple HTML web page with links to the book for visitors to download.

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      by gogotraining1 ·

      In reply to Setup a library with digital books

      I also heard a lot about setting up about the digital library, but never do it. I think this thread might help me now.

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        by mike_cartwright ·

        In reply to GogoTraining

        That’s if this thread is updated with useful content. I’m not sure if Google Books can be of use, but it’s how I access my e-books when I have some spare time to spend reading.

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