Setup a test sub network on my LAN

By bobbyrobert ·
Hi all,

I have a networking question hope you guys can help.
Im trying to setup a test subnet on my LAN.
The reason for this is we are moving office and the new office will have one server with Vsphere and a SBS2011 DC as a VM and Exchange as a VM and a another SBS2011 as a virtual machine this was because my budget was tight.
My question is im trying to setup the first VM to test on the our LAN.
What ive done so far is setup a test VLAN on our layer three switch, put two ports on my layer 2 switch into VLAN 5. The live VLAN is on Vlan 2 172.29.1.x
Test vlan 5 on 172.29.15.x.
I have a SBS2011 on the Vsphere setup put it cannot find the router or how to get onto the internet for final setup.
DG 172.29.1.x. this is our firewall
my SBS2011 VM is on 172.29.15 what should the DG be for this machine where do i look or find it. As the DG for the live LAN is on a different subnet.

Hope ive explained myself ok, and hope someone can point me in the right direction.

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What version of VMware?

by robo_dev In reply to Setup a test sub network ...

The easiest thing to do is create virtual switches within the VMware server. To do routing you add a virtual router appliance like Vyatta or m0n0wall and create multiple virtual interfaces for the VMs. If you need to, add more interfaces to the server and assign virtual network adapters to physical adapters (in each VLAN) as needed.

What sort of layer3 switch? Some switches are 'layer 3 aware' which means you can define vlans on the switch but you still need an external router to do routing between vlans.

I might add that I have both VMware ESX 3.5 and 4.1 at home, with both a SAZ defined as well as multiple VLANs. I use the m0n0wall vmware router appliance since it has a simple web interface, so 's a bit easier than Vyatta.

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