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Setup a workgroup for 2 networks

By davidavu ·
My company has an internet server outlets in every room. Each room then has a wireless network setup through a router. These networks are different from each other(different gateway, DHCP,etc..)
The problem is my boss wants me to set one single workgroup so all the computers can share files and printers, regardless what room (network) they belong to. He does not want to change to a single network with some relay stations as I suggest.
Can anyone give me an advise on this task.


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by lee In reply to Setup a workgroup for 2 n ...

Depending on the router, you can use the admin panel in the router to specify the port range for the other rooms. So if you have a linksys wrt54g being used as your main router & the others link to it, change the scope of the IPs on the other routers (so there are on conflicts) & specify the other routers scopes in the linksys (or whatever you use) admin panel. Or, even easier, base each router in each room on a single ip range suitable for your business. You said workgroup, so a basic class c should do (it supports 254 nodes) but, I don?t know how many boxes connect on average in each room. Let?s say 10 nodes in each room & 10 rooms. Set your main router as to .0.19 (I went 9 more to allow for dhcp in that room too) set the rooms as .0.20 to .0.29 & .0.30 to .0.39 & so on. Set each box to grab dhcp, & wins from it?s local router & point each nodes gateway info to the main linksys router in each of their admin panels ? done!

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by lesko In reply to Setup a workgroup for 2 n ...

It all depends on the capabilities of the router you have deployed. Since the addresses are handed out via DHCP along with the default gateway. You basically have a couple of choices one is determined by your router's capability.

1. Router has multiple routed interface. You can connect the routers in all the rooms, either run static routes or run a routing protocol, RIP, OSPF etc and you're done. Just make sure that each network is on a different subnet this way the routers know how to find the other networks easily. Tracing the packet flow -> a workstation tries to print or access a workstation on another network -> packet goes to the default gateway -> then to the other network's gateway then to the destination network -> to the destination printer or workstation.

2. If your router does not have multiple routed interfaces ie a broadband router with just one Internet connected port then the rest are switched/bridged then its a bit tricky, you might need to install secondary nics attached to a separate hub/switch or get routers that connect the other networks together then put static routes in each of the workstations (really messy but it can work)

3. you can route via the Internet on a VPN yeah its a bit of a waste of bandwidth but it will work

there are other solutions just picked 3

goodluck keep us posted

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