Setup Cable as backup to T1

My company purchased a cable connection to run as a backup to our T1.
Currently we are setup with the T1 split between 2 servers. 2 connections on each server set to load balance.
They want to setup the cable line as a backup in case the t1 goes down.
What is the best way to do this?
I have remote sites but it's only important that the main site (approximately 25 stations) have connectivity if this emergency happened.
The desktops are set to DHCP so they should only need to reboot in order to gain connectivity. Would I just disable the NIC for the T1 and enable the card of the Cable line?

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Doing same thing

by BitHammer In reply to Setup Cable as backup to ...

We're currently looking into doing the same thing, as our T1s have been EXTREMELY unreliable over the past week. (Normally they're just unreliable.) As I find more, I'll post it. Please do likewise, if you're so inclined.

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Any luck with the Cable as a backup?

by DAIUTO In reply to Doing same thing

Hey I pushed this project back for so long but I have to get it done. I just ran the line for the cable. Did you setup your cable as a backup?


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