setup cannot access this disk

By navum ·
I have 9 hard drives, all of them are 40gb, Seagate, Western Digital, Hitachi, nd Samsung.... All the other drives works fine but samsung drives (3) comes up with error during boot, it say's S.M.A.R.T command failed press f1 to continue. wen i tried installing xp it comes up setup cannot access the drive. it happens with all the three samsung drives. while other drives are working fine. I am working on Intel 865 MOBO, with SATA DVD/RW on it. I treid disabling smart from bios, it worked for disabling S.M.A.R.T error message of command failed but again xp setup wont access the drive. However all the drives are visible in bios. Can anyone help me fixing this problem

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How are all NINE HDDs connected to the motherboard ?..

by OldER Mycroft In reply to setup cannot access this ...

What is the layout of their connections: Controller, Primary channel, Secondary channel?

Where are all these 9 HDDs housed?

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Bad OM

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to How are all NINE HDDs con ...

I have a Antec Server Case which holds 15 Internal HDD's. Granted it was expensive and big to take Server Boards and I can not get another one because they stopped selling them here.

But I love it to bits only case suitable for the Quad Xeon M'Board that I have and as the Drives are all SCSI I have room for another 6 On that Chanel and I have another unused Chanel as well as the SATA and IDE interfaces.

I don't really know what the SATA interfaces are for as why anyone would want to setup a SATA Raid is a bit beyond me when you have 3 SCSI Chanel's to play with. Probably because SATA Drives are a lot bigger and considerably cheaper than the SCSI I suppose.

But a Gigabyte GAEP45-DS3l M'Board with a 4 Port SATA Controller will take 10 SATA Drives the 6 On Board and the 4 on the Controller Card. You still have one IDE Chanel that should take another 2 drives there as well as the Floppy Controller.

Now I wonder why the OP posted exactly the same question in the Discussions and Questions Forums.

Guess that I'll have to supply the same answer here as I did there.


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Ah isn't 7 the max per channel on SCSI

by CG IT In reply to Bad OM

4 for IDE and SATA JBOD is the # of SATA connectors. RAID array is limited as well so

it's possible he's over the limit to the # of drives he can put on a channel. While I've never overloaded a channel to see what it does, might make SMART run on the mumbo.

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I haven't mixed SATA and SCSI Drives too much

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Ah isn't 7 the max per ch ...

I have run M'Boards with a series of SCSI Drives and a couple of IDE Optical Drives or SATA HDD with IDE Opticals but never SATA & SCSI Drives on the same system.

However saying that I have a Gigabyte P45 Chip Set M'Board here with 6 SATA HDD connected as Single Drives No RAID] without an issue. Well maybe just one issue it doesn't support 2 Floppies or 2 IDE Drives. I had 2 IDE Opticals installed but only one would work and one of the floppies the Slave burnt out owing to a short circuit that was introduced by the setup.

I would think that something as dramatic as a Burn Out would be noticed very easily, but maybe not.


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See here

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to setup cannot access this ...


But basically you need to test the Drives with the HUTIL from Samsung as they are failing the SMART Test, it's available here


I'm betting that they are currently in the Failed State and need replacing.

Or they are on a Controller Card and you need the Driver for it so you can install Windows to these Drives.


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It went for replacing those drives

by navum In reply to See here

I cudnt download hutil however it was quite sure dat they are in failed state and i have sent them for replacement.

Thanks for the support.

How bout the drivers for controller card... i cudnt get it.. can u brief more bout it....

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I would need to know

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to It went for replacing tho ...

The Make & Model of the Controller Card and the M'Board as the Chip Set Type isn't sufficient here.


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