setup cannot find HDD

By srihari_11 ·
i got that error msg & i restarted ma computer n then i pressed F6 it asked me insert floppy named "manufacturer-supplied hardware support disk" to the floppy disk. the supplier dint give that floppy with the system.

my config:
asus Mother Board
240GB (segate)
AMD 64 processor
1 GB Ram

where can i get the floppy
or where cn i get the software so that i cn put it in a floppy drive n install my XP SP3??

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by PurpleSkys In reply to setup cannot find HDD

the manufacturers support section of their website

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by srihari_11 In reply to try

manufacturer of mother board or processor or HDD??

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you have to create your own driver floppy

by Who Am I Really In reply to setup cannot find HDD

with a working system

take the CD with the drivers on it
extract / expand the drivers and copy the drivers to the root of a blank floppy

now when you press "F6" during the install you pop that floppy in to the drive

if you are using an add-on SATA PCI / PCI-e controller
the drivers are on the CD that came with the card

if you are using SATA ports on the MB
you can use the drivers that are on the CD that came with the MB
change the BIOS setting from AHCI to Legacy / Native / IDE mode (what ever name they call it)
and the disk will be seen as if it were on an IDE controller

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