setup could not read the cd inserted, or cd is not a valid MICROHARD cd

By wildblueangel ·
When tryin' 2 install from 6 xp pro floppies, after formatting hd, reloading said floppies, re-entering win xp setup i received this error from copied xp pro cd. What files do i erase from floppies to override this MICROSOFT ********? I'm out of cd's. Help a jigga in need. peace.

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by ThumbsUp2 In reply to setup could not read the ...

I didn't know that it was even possible to install XP from floppies. Where did you find this? Or, did you just decide to put the XP CD onto floppies and try it that way?

You also mentioned a 'copied' XP Pro CD. Many forms of XP will not install from a copy. How did you go about creating the copy? Was the original an OEM version, one from a computer manufacturer, a retail version or what?

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by wildblueangel In reply to Hmmmmmm........

6 boot floppies if u can't boot from cd-rom, from microsoft website. allows u to enter winxp pro set-up if u don't have a bootable cd. which in this case was a copy of a friend's that will restore, but not boot directly from cd-rom...unfortunately microsoft is very specific even in the fact that u can't use these floppies for xp home, vice-versa...telling me that, BASICALLY, eventhough i've already paid for it, and maybe lost it, it never actually came with my computer conveniently, i have to go pay for it again. thank you microsoft. ;P

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Too many variables in one single response ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to answer

Any chance you could weed out the good bits - the bits that ACTUALLY matter ??

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by balge In reply to setup could not read the ...

not sure what you want mate - you cant install XP from floppies, they're boot floppies, you install from the CD
Were you trying to boot an already installed OS or make a clean install?

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by wildblueangel In reply to install

already formatted hd with the boot xp pro floppies...after which was repromtped to insert xp pro cd for clean installation, but since this is a COPY of xp pro, i get this goody goody message "na na na boo boo stick your head in doo doo....go buy another original 5000$ copy"....i might as well buy another computer, it'll come at least "with" it....ok well maybe not the actual cd, but it's already on the compooter doe?!?!?!? "Why would i need a copy of it when it's already installed on the compooter?" psshhhh! it'll never get a virus and if it doez, "just go buy another copy!" {loop}. diddo. "".wtf.

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by balge In reply to thks

if you have a license number you should be able to install the OS again, if the CD you've got doesn't boot its not a proper copy of XP. You could try another copy, make sure its burned as bootable. Otherwise you could download an .iso and burn that (bootable)-
making sure you get the correct version to match your license

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What's a "jigga" ?? ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to setup could not read the ...

If you're gonna use odd words - expect odd responses!

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whoze not 2 write

by wildblueangel In reply to What's a "jigga" ?? ...


thks 4 tha help though.

"Unless u become like a little child, U CANNOT enter the kingdom of Heaven." +

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What you really mean is - you don't know ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to whoze not 2 write

Guessed as much.

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Give the guy a chance, it sounds like he does a lot of texting. :)

by Peconet Tietokoneet In reply to What you really mean is - ...

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