setup could not read the cd inserted, or cd is not a valid MICROHARD cd

By wildblueangel ·
When tryin' 2 install from 6 xp pro floppies, after formatting hd, reloading said floppies, re-entering win xp setup i received this error from copied xp pro cd. "setup could not read the cd inserted, or cd is not a valid MICROsoft cd" What files do i erase from boot floppies to override this MICROSOFT ********?

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You've got this arse over t|t, I'm afraid ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to setup could not read the ...

According to your other post, which is basically an identical post, just worded slightly more obtusely - "if u don't have a bootable cd. which in this case was a copy of a friend's that will restore"

However, if you have now formatted the existing installed HDD and are now using floppies that allow you to boot into XP setup, you're not going to have ANY success by using a CD that is only capable or RECOVERY. You see, RECOVERY is only capable of operating within an existing XP installation.

But you don't have one of them anymore - you formatted the HDD.

What you need is a full-blown XP installation disc. THAT is the thing that's missing here, it's got nothing to do with the floppies - it never did.

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Boot Loader

by TheChas In reply to setup could not read the ...

The 6 floppy disk set for Windows XP Pro is NOT the Windows installation. All the floppies do is install the base files and shell OS for installing XP from a CD.

The floppy set is only a work-around for systems that cannot boot from a CD-ROM drive.

Even with the boot floppy set, you need a FULL CD version of XP to install from.

If you are building up a new system, spend the $150 or so to get a proper XP OEM CD from Newegg or the source of your choice.

If you are repairing or rebuilding a name brand computer that you originally purchased with XP on it, contact the computer manufacture and see if you can purchase a restore disk set.


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Other Thread

by TheChas In reply to setup could not read the ...

Okay, I went and read the other thread.

If you did not get a Windows XP or restore CD with this system, there "might" be a recovery partition on the hard drive.

Check your documentation, or check with the manufacture for how to restore the system.

It does sound like your friends XP CD is a recovery and not an install CD. Even if it was an install CD, your XP license key would most likely not work with that CD as the key is tied to the OEM that built the computer.

As far as support, you are best to work with the system manufacture as part of the OEM license contract requires the system manufacture to provide support for Windows.


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