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    Setup FTP/Web server behind firewall/router


    by t_noahr ·

    I would like to setup a personal FTP server and a web server behind a firewall/router. What settings do I need to change? Where can I find this info?

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      by jschein ·

      In reply to Setup FTP/Web server behind firewall/router

      The settings themselves are in the router …

      Open whatever ports on the router itself and redirect them to your own internal i.p. for whatever subsystem (ftp, webserver, file server…)

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      Reply To: Setup FTP/Web server behind firewall/router

      by woody h ·

      In reply to Setup FTP/Web server behind firewall/router

      You were not too specific on the type of firewall/router that you would be running. So I will talk about the harder of the 2.
      Hardware Firewall/Router:
      Going to have to make an assumption here and that is that your router does NAT.
      Setup your 2 apps, your web server and FTP server. Select ports you want these apps to monitor calls on. Default Web is port 80, default FTP is port 21. Once they are setup and you have decided the ports you must configure your router. Go into the webadmin pages of your router and locate the Port forwarding or Pinholing page. For this example we will assume you used 80 for web and 21 for ftp and your pc’s ip address is
      For the WebServer:
      Forward 80~80 using TCP to IP
      For FTP Server:
      Forward 20~21 using TCP to IP

      Note: If you decide to have your FTP server monitor a port other than 21, you only port forward that single port, ex: 2100~2100, and you must inform your clients to turn PASV off, otherwise your ftp listing will fail. However, if the FTP server app you are using supports PASV settings, you can allow them. I suggest 50 ports on either side of the port your app is monitoring. Lets assume 21000 is your port. Forward the following:
      20950 ~ 21050 TCP to IP

      Make sure you put that range in the PASV port range in your ftp server app. Also for these settings it will ask you for a domainname/URL or IP address for pasv communications. You MUST put your WAN ip address. This address if you don’t know it can be found on the Status page of most routers webadmin pages.
      If you have any further questions, feel free to ask. Hope this helps.


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