Setup L2TP Router from behind NAT

By apbtbb ·
I have an outside router Netgear R8300 (RTR1) that is connected to my service provider, I also have a Linksys DGL-4500 (RTR2).

RTR2 is connected from the WAN port to RTR1.
I'm trying to setup the WAN port on RTR2 to connect to an L2TP server but I cannot get it to connect.

I'm thinking NAT is causing the issue, but when I go to RTR1 and go to add port forwarding, I have no idea where to forward it to since I'm changing the WAN port on RTR2 to connect the the VPN server.
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did you cross-over

by de.doughboy In reply to Setup L2TP Router from be ...

how is RTR2 connected? Wireless or did you use a wired cat5 cable? If the latter make sure it's a cross over a cable. then go to connections page to see if WAN detects the router. Is anything else connected to (RTR1) that you can hang bridge to (i.e. media-server?) I bridge my L2TP using a usb connection over netbios on windows. You may have to enable ISS ON WINDOWS TO GET IT TO PICK UP THE CONNECTION. On Linux I use Samba to detect it by explicitly declaring the connection in smb.conf.

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by apbtbb In reply to did you cross-over

It's a wired cable. I know it works, because if I change it from L2TP back to Static or DHCP, I then can get normal internet access from that RTR2 and devices.
I would like RTR2 to VPN out with L2TP because RTR1 is a shared router with other people and RTR2 has all my internal (personal) computers.

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by apbtbb In reply to did you cross-over

I figured out part of it.
Instead of following the VPN provided settings for my WAN port on RTR2.
Instead of DHCP, I set up the interface with a static IP.
I then port forwarded L2TP protocol to RTR2 from RTR1.

From the RTR1 LAN I can ping RTR2 IP.

But RTR2 still will not connect to my L2TP service provider.

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