Setup of TP-Link T1600G-52PS switch on network with 2 subnets

By Jason H. ·
I recently replaced two 48-port HP switches with the mentioned TP-Link switches on our network for a small non-profit business. The HP switches worked fairly well and didn't have a problem with the guest network, they were just old and needed replacement. Currently, I cannot get the guest network up and running, the main network which is on the same subnet as the DHCP server which is our router ( has not had any problems. The guest network is on through the DMZ port of our Fortigate 60e router, connects directly to one managed switch, then the second managed switch is daisy-chained to the first. I still have the HP switches up and running to check configurations, both of the switches have very little configured, VLANS were not setup, DHCP relay was not setup. I'm new to the field and the only IT guy for our small business, I was hoping a pro could point me in the right direction. Thanks in advance for the help!
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