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setup of wlan and worldwide access

By johnstoncomputers ·
I have a client that is wanting to network several desktops and a couple of laptops through a wireless connection that would share a DSL connection. i can setup the wireless equipment as i have done that part before. the problem lies in the access from other cities. the client runs a home based business and has all the needed forms on the main home computer. they would like for the "salespeople" to be able to get the needed forms and what not from the main computer if they are in another city. what would be the easiest(and most cost effective)way of setting this up? would like to stay away from software like pc anywhere, as remote access isnt necessarily needed and the office users will probably be using the main system anyways. Thanx in advance for any help you maybe able to give me.

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by Joseph Moore In reply to setup of wlan and worldwi ...

VPN is good.
Dialing up via modem and connecting to this office is also good.

It just depends. What systems are you working with (what computer OS), what type of router are you setting up (does it do VPN?)

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by Joseph Moore In reply to

Basically, what is the network setup in this office? Details please.
Then we can go from there.

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by johnstoncomputers In reply to setup of wlan and worldwi ...

the desktops will all be running xp...the laptops xp except one which i believe is 98se. I will probably be using us robotics equipment. The last one i setup I used this eqipment...
usr 8022 router with print serv
2016 wireless cards for the desktops
and the 2210 for the laptops, which worked really well, and was pretty easy to setup. I was thinking of using the same(use whatcha know works)epuipment. The internet that they will be using will be DSL that is ran through the router. thanx for your help.

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by briantruitt In reply to setup of wlan and worldwi ...

I imagine if they needed just forms and "what not" you could just implement some sort of ftp server in which the remote users would need a username and password to access it. If it's anything other than documents, you should give gotomypc a shot. I know that's not what you want, but at least you could print directly from the main system to the remote users printer with the gotomypc printing interface. For one gotomypc license or whatever you call them, it's only like $10 a month.

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by Oldefar In reply to setup of wlan and worldwi ...

Why don't you kill two birds with one stone. Put those files at a hosted site.

First bird - off site storage. Protect the data on the main computer by doing a regular backup to the hosted site.

Second bird - remote access via the Internet without VPN to those files the main office chooses to make available.

Without knowing the particulars of the business, I can't make a recommendation. You can check out the concept at services like and, or find a local provider.

An added benefit is that the remotes have access to what they need even if the home office is down do to DSL failure, power outage, or other disaster. Great for business continuity.

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