setup port 3001

By glord ·
We aare installing a hand reader for our emloyees to scan in on. The people supplying this unnit has instructed me to setup Posrt 3001 for inbound and outbound traffic. I need someone to show me how to do this or where I can find and explanationof these processes.

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The hand scanner

by robo_dev In reply to setup port 3001

If it needs to commnicate to a server on your local network, you don't need to do anything.

If it needs to comunicate to a server over a Internet connection, you need to open port 3001 in the router/firewall that connects your site to the Internet.

What make/model of router/firewall do you use to connect to the Internet?

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cisco router supported by ATT using there firewall

by glord In reply to The hand scanner

I have to eetup this reader with it's own IP address and install the management software on the server. The requirements listed by them are 1) an existing interment connecton, we have a T1 line meeting their specs, and 2)Ports 80, 8080 and 9999 should be open, in addition to 3001.

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Have you made config changes to your router before?

by robo_dev In reply to cisco router supported by ...

Does AT&T manage your firewall and router?

If so in your Cisco router / firewall they would need to add:

- access rules to allow these three ports inbound
- a NAT rule to allow the router to redirect traffic from the router external interface to the card reader IP address.

From a security standpoint, it would also make sense to add an Access Control List to limit the allowable IP address to the one owned by whoever you're sending your timecard data to. (so if it's ADP, then their IP address would be the only allowable source/destination).

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Managed router

by glord In reply to Have you made config chan ...

This cisco router is managed by ATT, so I suppose I should contact them concerning these requirements.

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